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What's the big idia?

The idia project distributes a free open source web application called idia. This script is available for PHP and Perl completely free of license restrictions. Idia creates a static way of communicating with computers which have been assigned dynamic IP addresses. In other words, idia makes it possible for the public to access your computer as a game, web, ftp, mail, or news server via one permanent internet address.

What is a dynamic IP address?

If you sign on to the internet using a dial-up connection, ISDN, or DSL, then you probably use a dynamic IP address. Every computer on a network must be assigned an IP address. Because there are a limited number of IP addresses, and since each address costs money for a company to lease or purchase, internet service providers (ISPs) will often assign a dynamic address to each of their customers. This address changes every time the internet connection is reset.

Servers usually need a static IP address in order to be useful for the outside world. Many ISPs charge an additional fee for such an address. This poses a problem for people who want to setup a server without having to pay an extra fee. Idia is a workaround for this problem.

What does idia do?

Idia (short for include dynamic internet address) is a single user web application which keeps track of your computer's IP address. Idia does not require a database, it outputs your current address into a file which may be included on your website in order to create a more permanent way for outsiders to access your machine.

Idia is not software, so it does not require that you use a specific operating system. It is a web application which interacts with your web browser. Idia requires that you have a web server running either PHP or Perl (CGI). Both of these languages are free. Perl is supported by several free web hosts.

Download idia 1.0 for PHP

Download idia 1.0 for Perl

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